Forums that provide a life enrichment experience for adults in the North Metropolitan Community. Four sets of seminars are scheduled each spring and fall including topics of religion, health, and general interest. The average attendance is 100 at each session.


In the spring of 1995 an ecumenical endeavor was begun by a group of lay and clergy leaders from the North Metropolitan area congregations to provide a life enrichment experience for adults in the community. The purpose of these forums is to provide opportunity to enjoy lifelong learning, creative expression, and interfaith relationships. Each series of forums consists of four alternate Monday mornings (spring and fall) determined by the planning committee.


Enrollment and participation is open to anyone who has interest and can be available on Monday morning. Participants can choose one of three offerings presented in the 9:30 to 10:30 time slot. The second hour from 11:00 to 12:00 is usually a plenary session with everyone together. Coffee break at 10:30 and lunch at 12:00 noon provide time for fellowship and discussion of the programs. A nominal fee is charged and scholarships are available.