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September 9, 2019 – Christ Lutheran Church

Class #A-1 David Jones - “Apollo” Why we went to the Moon. David presents a non-technical look at America’s greatest historical space adventure. He has been speaking on national events since 1996. His presentations are of general interest to people of all ages and include a wide range of interesting details. David is a graduate of Gustavus Adolphus and spent 24 years in financial services. He is now working in the nonprofit sector.

Class #A-2 Wildlife Science - Wolves are an animal both feared, sometimes hated and loved. History documents not only our attempts to eliminate wolves, but to protect them and recover the species. Learn about the physical and behavioral adaptations making this charismatic, keystone predator an amazing component of the environments in which they live. Explore the possible future of one of the upper Midwest’s most fascinating symbols of the wilderness – the gray wolf – during a program presented by the staff of the Wildlife Science Center

11:00 am session (all attend) Pastor Paul Oman - “Drawn to the Word”. Experience God’s story as Pastor Paul shares his passion, as both artist and pastor, proclaiming the Word through his paintbrush. Watch and listen in amazement as he creates a beautiful painting while he teaches about Matthew 14: 22-33 when Jesus walked on water. Invite your friends to experience this unique presentation! A silent auction for Pastor Oman’s painting will be held at the end of his presentation.


September 23, 2019 – Christ Lutheran Church

Class #B-1 Larry Backlund “Larry the Loon Guy” 16 years ago, Larry Backlund’s love of loons led him to putting out a nesting platform on his lake in central Minnesota. That led to a partnership with Minnesota Bound, setting up a Live Loon Cam that’s now viewed by people across the world.

Class #B-2 Amy House, - Amy has been presenting an Alzheimer’s and Dementia topics all over the Twin Cities for over five years. She is Certified in Teepa Snow’s Positive Approach to Care, is a member of the Roseville Alzheimer’s and Dementia Community Action Team and is the lead trainer for the MSP Dementia Friendly Airport Project. Amy works closely with people living with dementia as the Director of Reflections at Brightondale and facilities to support groups through the Alzheimer’s Association. Healthy Brain description: Learn about ways to keep your brain healthy as you age, based on the Cleveland Clinic’s six pillars of brain health. Normal vs. Not Normal Aging: Learn about the signs and symptoms of dementia as well as disorders that mimic dementia. This presentation also covers what is truly a “senior moment” and helps you understand what is part of the normal aging process and when to be concerned. This presentation was developed by Teepa Snow, an expert in Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

11:00 am session (all attend)  Michael Riddle – “No matter what kind of music you’re into Michael Riddle has a song for you. His broad eclectic repertoire of popular songs covers a variety of musical flavors –from classical to Cajun, from folk songs to rock. And yet, each are performed with unique mid-American style. Michael is an accomplished musician, entertainer and songwriter and traces his musical roots back to growing up in cities nestled along the shores of the Mississippi including Baton Rouge, LA, Moline, IL and Minneapolis, MN. His life-affirming approach and style reflect his optimistic outlook on the everyday world, his love of family and his mid-America values.

October 7, 2019 – St. Philip’s Lutheran Church

Class #C-1 Al Spitzer - Guitar, Vocalist. He has been a guitarist and has performed since High School. He became very interested in the Country scene five years ago on his first trip to Port Aransas TX. He listened to other artists there and began playing and singing with others at several Open Mic and Jambo sessions. My Band is “The Allen Ray Band” and performs under the stage name “Minnesota Al”. He plays mostly cover songs of major artists, primarily Country, Light Rock, and Gospel Music with acoustic and electric guitar. He lives on the island in Port Aransas, TX six months of the year and works construction in the Upper Midwest for 5-6 months depending on weather.

Class #C-2Dr. Duane John presentation: ”Balance and Nutrition” Dr. John is the owner of Advanced Spinal Care & Rehab and has a passion for bringing individuals to a higher level of wellness through chiropractic nutrition and rehabilitation. He is thorough in addressing personalized nutritional and rehabilitation recommendations specific for each person and their goals. Dr. John has also received specific training for patients diagnosed with fibromyalgia or similar neurological concerns. In his spare time, he loves snowmobiling in winter or winter deer hunting and spending time with his wife Tracey and three sons.

11:00 am session (all attend) Adam Lindquist (Teddy Roosevelt). Called the “Father of Conservation” and one of America’s finest leaders, Teddy Roosevelt was a true force of nature. His efforts created the National Parks, protected 230 million acres of land, and saved many species of animals. Roosevelt is portrayed by three time champion living historian Adam Lindquist, who brings Roosevelt to life for audiences across the country. You will be inspired by a message that is a relevant today as it was in the past. Because of his skill in recreating this amazing man, you will forget that you are not speaking to the “real” Teddy. Adam’s goal is to make his audience believe they have met the 26th President of the US.

October 21, 2019 – St. Philip’s Lutheran Church

Class #D-1 - Beth Dutton’s topic is: Mary’s & Joseph’s Journey. Step back in time as we discover what the world was really like at the time of Christ. For instance – did you know when Mary found out she would be pregnant with the son of God – there already was a “son of god”? Using songs, Scripture, multi-media and teaching all wove together, we will be provided with a unique glimpse of the Christmas story, designed to make the coming season even more meaningful. Beth Grew up as a Pastor’s kid and was introduced to Jesus in early life. She received her Elem. Ed. Degree from the U. of M. That training was the foundation for a kids’ curriculum called BLAST – Building Lives Around Spiritual Truth. Her passion is telling stories from the Bible and making them come to life. Beth was a winner of the KTIS faith radio writing contest in2018.

Class #D-2 –Dr. Judy Lottmann is a retired General Surgeon who worked in a small rural community for 30 years. Soon after retiring she wrote a book about her experience as a Rural Surgeon. Now she is pursuing a Master’s degree in Bioethics/Medical ethics. She has been working on that for the last two years and should get the degree next spring. Dr. Lottmann’s presentation is on the use of medical technology in the latter half of life. Some of her comments will be from the book “Finishing Well to the Glory of God” by John Dunlop, MD. This presentation will include organ donation and transplantation, dialysis, artificial hydration and nutrition, stem cells, and Advance Directives.

11:00 am session (all attend) – Michael Nelson blends humor, entertaining story-telling and great piano with musical hits that span decades. He showcases favorites like, As Time Goes By, Somewhere Over the Rainbow, Hallelujah by Lenard Cohen plus Andrew Lloyd Webber Broadway hits from shows like Cats, Evita and Phantom of the Opera, just to name a few. His incredible piano style will take you down a musical road filled with great songs, movie scores, Broadway hits and wonderful story telling.