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September 10, 2018 at Christ Lutheran Church

Class #A-1 Pastor John Kerr – SHORT STORIES BY A CONTROVERSIAL RABBI – JESUS was a first century rabbi who taught in parables that were not little kid stories, but mature stories to shake up adults. In this class, we’ll discuss Jesus as teacher, how his hearers might have heard his parables, and discuss together how a few of his specific parables fit us today.
John completed his internship in Baltimore, MD and served parishes in Illinois, Ohio and Minnesota. He was senior pastor at Faith Lutheran in Coon Rapids for 20 years. After retiring in 2005, he and his wife Diane served as an interim pastor family in six parishes across the country. He received his B.A. from Capital Univ., two masters’ degrees and his doctoral from Trinity Lutheran Seminary, both schools in Columbus, OH.

Class #A-2 J. Drake Hamilton has a gift for giving presentations using fascinating stories. It is fun and interesting to listen to her. She is Fresh Energy’s science policy director, an expert in climate and energy policy at the state and national levels. Her work has helped make Minnesota a leader in the clean energy economy. Her responsibilities include scientific analysis and policy development of clean energy solutions to global warming that will maximize economic opportunities. J. Drake Hamilton earned undergraduate and graduate degrees in physical geography from Dartmouth College and the University of Minnesota with an emphasis on climatology and water resources. 

Class #A-3 Patrick “Packey” Mader has a background in education, business, agriculture, with a professional career as an elementary teacher and is the author of five books. He grew up on a dairy farm near St. Bonifacius, MN and has been a fan of sports at all levels. He and his wife live in Northfield and are the parents of two children. Interest is always keen about past and present Minnesota athletes competing on the world stage. Patrick had interviews with 57 living athletes who fulfilled their dreams and competed in the Olympics. He collected their stories in his book, Minnesota Gold. Learn about the lives, skills, achievements, effort and perseverance of these remarkable athletes.

Class #A-4 Monroe Wright brings a crowd-pleasing personality and charisma in a high-quality show. His vocal style is reminiscent of the Mills Brothers, the Ink Spots and the Platters. He will take you down memory lane with songs such as “Up a Lazy River”, “Glow Worm” and “You’re Nobody ‘Till Somebody Loves You”. Monroe also performs some of the biggest hits by groups like the Temptations and the Four Tops, along with classics from Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett. 
Monroe Wright always performs these songs in a style that preserves the tradition, the quality and the showmanship of each of these legendary performers. 


September 24th at Christ Lutheran Church

Class #B-1 Carol Veldman Rudie uses her college teaching skills to research and to present background to Russian art and culture. She has been a docent to TMORA since 2005 and leads tours to Russia as a special interest. Her PhD work at the U of MN includes a minor in Art History. Her topic is: Understanding the Russian Icon – Icons are central to Russian culture in so many ways. Because they use the forms of this world to glimpse the eternal world. Icons bring worshippers into contact with something larger than life. An examination of the visual methods used and concepts being illustrated will open to those unfamiliar with icons and appreciation of their significance as religious objects.

Class #B-2 Jesse Sweeney is a licensed agent with Humana. As a graduate from Fridley High School, he is proud to serve the community in which he grew up. With nearly 20 years of sales and customer service experience, he is committed to helping all those with whom he comes in contact. Jesse specializes in Medicare plans and in a time like his, with so many changes, it helps to know someone who is going to give you the straight scoop. Jesse and his wife April have been married for nearly nine years. They have four children: Hollis 5 ½, Pepper 4, Porter 2 ½ and Ryann 16 months.  

Class #B-3  Al Spitzer has been a guitarist and performer since High School. He became engulfed in the Country scene five years ago on his first trip to Port Aransas, TX. Listening to, playing and singing with others at several Open Mic and Jam sessions became a regular routine for Al. His band is The Allen Ray Band and he performs on the island under the stage name, “Minnesota Al”. He performs mostly Cover Songs of Major Country Artists, also Light Rock and Gospel music with acoustic and Electric Guitar. Al and his wife, Jan, live on the island in Port Aransas six months each year.

Class #B-4 Charles Schulz was born in Minneapolis, MN and after graduating from High School, he completed a correspondence course given by a Minneapolis art school. Believe it or not, this was his only formal art training. In 1948 the Saturday Evening Post published some of his work. In 1950 the United Features Syndicate bought his “Li’l Folks” and distributed it under the title “Peanuts”. This comic strip became one of the most popular in history, appearing in more than 2000 newspapers and translated into more than two dozen languages. His characters, Charlie Brown, Lucy, Linus and, of course Snoopy are known the world over.
Martha Norris and her business partner, Constance Gade, founded Full Bloom in 1997 to provide creative and innovative programs for older adults in a variety of settings, like this fascinating program on Charles Schulz. 

October 8th at St. Phillp's Lutheran Church

Class #C-1 Reverend Ted Kalkwarf is a retired ELCA pastor.  He served parishes in the mid-west.  The last 20 years he was certified for specialized ministry in Chaplaincy in Hospice and Hospital, 12 STEP treatment programs and church mediation.
A training event 50 years ago, gave him the idea of using cartoons to teach.  The 60’s introduced a new school of Psychology: The Child Within.  It teaches every adult as a “child within” that has registered every growth experience, some good and some not- so-good.  This “child” is our emotional gate keeper, permitting good things to rise to consciousness and protecting the adult from unpleasant memories. We will study cartoons to allow the “child in us” to take delight in what it sees and the “Adult” to interpret and enjoy.

Class #C-2 Gail Deanna Nord, M. Div. BCC. She is a teacher, writer and spiritual counselor.  Her counseling work frequently includes interpretation of her client’s dreams.  Opening Your Dreams “A Dream which is not interpreted is like a letter which is not read.” (Babylonian Talmud, Circa 200 C.E.)
We all dream every night.  Some of us remember our dreams and try to make sense of them, while others may dismiss their dreams as nonsense, or maybe not even remember them.
This session will explore the realm of dreams, with suggestions on how you can more effectively appreciate the deeper meaning within the symbolism of your own dreams.  You may be surprised at what you learn about yourself. Prior to the session you may record a dream (anonymously if you wish) and the presenter will use several as examples.

Class #C-3 Melanie Shipman – “Bear Aware” From berries, small rodents and fish come super-sized, furry clawed owners of the forests and mountains and rivers.  Black, brown, white, glacial blue and Spirit bear cream; bears have earned wide respect by native cultures and wide fear by misunderstanding humans.  Melanie Shipman, a lifelong naturalist, will help you understand why we all want and need bears to continue to share our special planet.  You will hear of the Spirit Bear, the emblem of successful collaboration to protect the rarest bear on earth.  (Note polar bears are covered under a separate program.)  Melanie is a Traveling Naturalist who has developed many programs that include a wide range of topics related to wildlife and wild lands.

Class #C-4  J. B. Anderson “Major Events of1968” which will include North Vietnam Protests, Assassinations of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Robert F. Kennedy the Apollo 8 Mission and other events of 50 years ago.  J. B. Anderson is a former clergyman, retired high school teacher and a university professor.

October 22nd at St. Phillp's Lutheran Church

Class #D-1 - Michael Rogness “Women of the Bible” One of the unique characteristics of the Bible is how important the women were, in both the Old and New Testaments.  The history of the ancient world is almost totally dominated by men, but in one small area of the world lived the ancient Hebrews, followed by the early Christians, where women played important roles in history.  This program will survey this gallery of heroic women, from the beginning to the end. Michael Rogness joined the Luther Seminary faculty in 1985 as an associate professor and was named professor of homiletics in 1993.  He was a staff member of the Institute for Ecumenical Research of the Lutheran World Federation in Strasbourg, France (1967-1970)

Class #D-2 – Edna Thayer “The Laughing Lady” holds two master’s degrees, one in nursing and one in counseling, and worked as a nurse and/or teacher for over 40 years.  She has co-authored or authored 2 award winning books.  The title of this presentation is, Humor for the Health of It, and is based on a book she co-authored, A Mirthful Spirit, Embracing Laughter for Wellness.  Edna has given over 900 humor talks in 23 different states and Canada.  Be prepared to laugh.

Class #D-3 – Judge Janet Poston “Family Law” B.S. with Distinction, University of Minnesota, 1971. Elementary School Teacher, 1971-1978. Teacher, Bolivia, South America, 1978 -1980. J.D, University of Minnesota 1983, Law Clerk, Honorable Deborah Hedlund, 1983-1996. District Court Referee, part time, 1990-1996. Elected Senior District Court Judge, Hennepin County in 1996, 2002 and 2008. Assignment history: Criminal 1/1997 – 4/1998, Civil & Criminal, 5/1998-12/1998, Family, 1/2002–1/2015. She retired on January 5th, 2015. Appointed and assigned to serve statewide as Senior Judge from July 1, 2017 to January 30, 2019. Judge Jane encouraged her spouse’s career in the U.S. Navy Reserve Component until his 2007 retirement as Chief Petty Officer.

Class #D-4 – Doug Ohman “Minnesota Icons – Part 2” continuing Doug’s tour of Minnesota back roads and icons.  He has traveled throughout the upper Midwest photographing historical architecture.  His work has been published in magazines, calendars and books.  Over the years he has been working with the Minnesota Historical Society on the series “Minnesota Byways”.